Kristoffer C. Olsen
How much does the emotional feeling of wonder add to GDP? To happiness? To fulfillment? How much would we lose if it was mostly removed? If there is one emotion that freedom invokes beyond all others, it must be wonder. The feeling of looking at the stars and seeing all the endless opportunities we as humans have, invoking the puzzling sensation of how unstructured and random it all seems, is one beheld for the truly free. One cannot feel wonder while in distress or despair, or while under strict supervision or control.

Such a simple definition of freedom includes the negative effects on freedom of suffering and economic deprivation, while also accounting for the limited gains from extravagant consumption. The sweet spot based on that definition lies in the region of enough to live in relative comfort, but not so much as to reduce the feeling of wonder of the world, and what one may produce and enjoy in it into the future.